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Mental Aspects of Sport Performance

Sport is all about enjoying the game is a phase long gone now. With the time flies, the competition is fierce and survival in sports is a must. The only thing that is important to the players are the performance on the field and nothing else. Have you ever wondered why athletes cannot perform well…

By Sukriti September 10, 2020 16

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Sports

The global outbreak of novel coronavirus disease has resulted in an economic slowdown, business disruption, travel obstructions and so on. Most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions and sports activities to reduce the spread of coronavirus. We all know that Sports play a major role in economic and social development. Sports organizations…

By Sukriti September 1, 2020 28

Live Long — Play Ping Pong

This is my first weblog regarding the sport Ping Pong. The Covid -19 pandemic lockdown has made me realize that how much I miss Table Tennis. “Table Tennis has given me soul” Here are some great benefits of playing Ping Pong which will help you boost your performance. Positive character traits: In my view, Table…

By Sukriti August 20, 2020 32